Alexander Campbell, Founder & CEO

About a year ago I left a pretty great job, at a pretty great place, with the goal of “doing my own thing.”

At the time, I wasn’t quite clear exactly what that ‘thing’ was going to be. Over the past decade I had traveled in and out of prestigious financial and academic institutions as an investor, mathematician and (hacky) technologist.

At each stop, I studied the way the world worked, and at each stop, I embedded my learning into a variety of ‘systems’. Some of those systems were literal algorithms that used information machines to turn data into conclusions, some of those systems were pure conceptual frameworks that I found helpful abstraction when dealing with the world’s complexity. All attempted to identify the pieces of ‘the machine’ at hand and outline the rules for how those pieces interacted and evolved over time.

Over time, I became so interested in the financial system at work, and the need for the participants in that system to get some semblance of diversification or hedge, that I was spending more time thinking up ways for myself and my friends to get this exposure. Eventually, it clicked. The thing the market needed, and the thing I (believe I) can provide, is that hedge.

So, that’s my vision for Snow: a hedge fund that actually lets you hedge.

Vijay Divi, Data and Investments Specialist

Steven Glinert, Quantitative Analyst

Katie Hoban, Research Fellow

Sheldon Trotman, Software Developer