Someone I respect a great deal taught me that setting goals was a pretty important part of the process of getting what you want out of life.

Since seeing this, I have become rather obsessed with thinking about goals. I found that much of what could be called regret came down to sloppy thinking on my part about what my goals actually were, and what a good process towards reaching those goals looked like.

The power of this heuristic then extended to knowing and understanding the goals of others.  It has reached the point where pretty much my first conversation with any potential business associate is a frank discussion about our mutual goals.  I find it becomes much easier to build flexibility into a relationship when all parties have mutually consistent goals, because everyone knows everyone is essentially rowing in the same direction.

Anyway, the throat-clearing here is to provide some context for why this first post is about goals.

The goals of this blog are simple:

1. Use publishing on this blog as a forcing function to structure some of our thinking about markets and investing.

2. Socialize that thinking such that others can engage with that thinking, by asking questions, pushing back, and holding us accountable.

3. Through that process, increase the rate at which we learn about the world and, in doing so, create value for our investors.

With those goals in mind, we plan to prioritize transparency and the asking of questions in this blog vs coming up with high-confidence, specific answers to specific questions.  

We accept that we might be wrong, that at times we will be wrong, and we look forward to figuring out which is which, with you.